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How to get into TV & Film in Canada

My advice is twofold: 1.  Look for a day job in film. Anyone interested in film and TV should work in it even for a short time – in any capacity!  Look for ways to get onto a film union … Continue reading

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Why I’m not rich = 2893 – West 41 Avenue

I have, for several years, avoided writing on the subject of how I lost my money. I did okay in tv and film.  It wasn’t that.  Frankly, I was a single widowed mum who could afford good child care, lessons … Continue reading

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Beautiful day in Vancouver 

My friend lets me walk her dog on Saturday afternoons. It’s such a privilege for me and it clears my head from all of the week’s activities. I often get great ideas on walks.        

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open door submissions for novels

So this week, I found two places that are accepting unpublished novels (slush basically) for a short period of time.  Both of them want about 50 pages of a novel from any author who wants their novel read by a … Continue reading

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Source: Submissions One of the most venerable markets in Cdn science fiction and fantasy is open to submissions again! On Spec 2016 here we come! Today in Kerrisdale, Vancouver ~ the first snowdrops

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